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Danny F. Dukes & Associates, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Canton, GA
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Many companies have been used to lauder "dirty money" and get it in to the mainstream economy. Illicit drug sales and other illegal activities create more and more dirty cash each year. There is no shortage of the creativity used to launder this dirty cash. Some of this money is used to fund terrorist acts against our country and/or our allies. Federal banking authorities have been battling this issue since the 1970's in the financial institution industry and their efforts have now moved swiftly in to the non-bank financial institution sector, which includes finance companies and money transfer agents. Many major corporations and smaller companies are being blindsided with the potential that their companies can and are being used to launder money. Don't wait for the authorities to enlighten you. Let us help you be proactive. 

Danny F. Dukes and Associates, LLC 's expert staff will help you identify if your industry and company are now exposed to new legal requirements. We know if and what red flags and signs that could indicate suspicious financial laundering activity may exist in your industry and company. We can also identify if you have already been exposed to laundering activity and help you take corrective and preventive measures.

The program that Danny F. Dukes and Associates, LLC  will help you develop will make your company become a proactive anti money laundering entity and keep your company insulated from this risk in the future. A "know your customer" process will aid at gauging risks you may have of money laundering by your customers. We can help you implement monitoring techniques that will minimize your exposure. 

Danny F. Dukes and Associates, LLC's money laundering regulatory compliance programs are proven and we pride ourselves on being cost efficient. Simply not knowing that your industry and/or company is exposed to this activity is no longer sufficient. Ignoring this, could lead to monetary penalties and could even risk the shutting down of your company. Call us today and we can help you navigate through this risk while minimizing its impact on your operations.

Money Laundering

Dirty Money and Terrorism Prevention

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