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Danny F. Dukes & Associates, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Canton, GA
Call now to find out how: 770-406-1820

Danny F. Dukes and Associates, LLC is dedicated to helping businesses from the start-up stage all the way to the merger and acquisition stage. If your accounting needs exceed making deposits and writing checks, then let us help you set up the right systems to manage your business. We can help you grow your business the right way, systematically and provide transition services during acquisition. We can help you assess risks and put in proper internal controls to minimize fraud risks. If fraud is suspected, we can root it out and stand by you during legal proceedings. Should growth cause operations to get off track, we can reconfigure and reengineer the way your company conducts business. Our bottom line is to help your bottom line and allow your business to flourish. This is what we do for clients every day.

We believe that businesses should be totally focused on sales and servicing customers. When it comes to finance and accounting matters, hand those to experts that can provide management with key pieces of information on reports that will simplify the finance and accounting function, making it much easier to manage. This will reduce stress and minimize surprises for the business owner and is provided in our Treasury and Contract CFO business models.

We will know when you need more working capital. We can assist ownership in cost verses benefit analysis so that capital expenses can be right-sized and timed to maximize the benefit to the company and promote cost efficient growth.

If downsizing is a desire, we can assist with those decisions as well. Efficiency is our primary goal for our business partner clients. In addition, using us as your partner from start-up, will assist in minimizing future downsizing while maximizing income as you grow. However, we realize that economic events do occur unexpectedly and we are there to help make those tough decisions should they ever be necessary. Call us for a free initial consultation today.

Business Accounting Services

Danny F. Dukes and Associates, LLC
101 Avalon CtCanton, GA30115US
Phone: 770-406-1820 Website: http://www.dannyfdukes.com/