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Non-profit Organizations

Whether you need help with accounting records, management or a start-up,Danny F. Dukes and Associates, LLC has hands on experience at all of these phases of non-profit organizations. Our founder, Danny F. Dukes, serves on a non-profit board as a treasury and financial advisor for a charter school. So he understands the public funding model as well as the contribution model.

​Let us help you set up your non-profit from scratch by defining the internal model which deals with the following:

  • ​Defining the founder's role
  • Setting up a board structure
  • ​Define purpose and mission
  • Identify financial projections
  • Obtain non-profit status, federally and locally
  • ​Setting up an office

On July 1, 2014, the IRS revolutionized the nonprofit world by finalizing and launching the Form 1023-EZ, a new streamlined method of applying for 501(c)(3) status. The Form 1023-EZ is now live on, along with final instructions, and the accompanying Revenue Procedure 2014-40. Although the non-profit decoration process has been simplified, there are still many compliance issues and traps that await. We can help you minimize the risk of falling in those traps. Similarly, while the Form 1023 includes many probing questions designed to bring to light any instances of impermissible private benefit (i.e. any benefit to a private party that is more than incidental to the organization’s public benefit), and private inurement (i.e. any transaction that results in outsized benefits to directors, officers, and other insiders of the organization), the Form 1023-EZ simply prompts the applicant to attest that “net earnings do not inure in whole or in part” to the benefit of insiders, and its activities do “not further non-exempt purposes (such as purposes that benefit private interests) more than insubstantially.”There are other incentives touse the Form 1023-EZ besides its simplicity. Most applicants will pay a reduced filing fee for the Form 1023-EZ, which costs only $400, compared to the $850 for most applicants filing the standard Form 1023. And 

​applicants filing the Form 1023-EZ will surely have their applications processed much faster (the turnaround on Form 1023-EZ applications is expected to be only a month or two, rather than the one to two-year waiting periods many Form 1023 filers are experiencing).

​We can also assist you with many of the management issues that other businesses experience that are often found in a non-profits. The biggest pitfall of a non-profit is compliance. Failure to abide by strict rules could cause the loss of a non-profit status and cost the organization thousands of dollars, which could include taxes. Don't let this happen to your non-profit.

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