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Danny F. Dukes & Associates, LLC is a BBB Accredited Business Consultant in Canton, GA
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"There are basically three elements of fraud. The first is opportunity, the second is need and the third is morality. Everyone has needs. The key to prevention is to prevent opportunities, because you can't consistently predict morality. Even though you may use extensive backgroud checks, needs can change and with opportunities come temptation." -Danny Dukes

During fraud engagements we typically find that there were fundamental breakdowns in internal controls and operating procedures that allowed the defalcation to occur. We won't just tell you "hey there is $10,000 missing and here is who has the money." We insist on knowing how and why the defalcation occurred and actively put preventive and detective controls in place to lower the recurrence probability. It could be deficient computer systems. If it is, we will work as a partner to correct. We also seek economic remedies and do payback analyses.

If you have a suspicion of foul play, your suspicion, unfortunately, is magnified when we discover reality. Actual fraud damages are almost always worse than the suspicions. During tough economic times, like the recent economic downturn, blue collar crime has increased dramatically. Well, white collar crime usually takes a parallel path. So it's much worse also, but it usually stays hidden under the radar unless you have taken preventive and detective measures like the ones we put in place.

So, if you have doubt and need an internal control, loss prevention check-up, call
 Danny F. Dukes and Associates, LLC today.

Fraud Detection/Prevention

Danny F. Dukes and Associates, LLC
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