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Business Planning

How many times have you sit around and discussed business opportunities with other interested parties? Well, the way to formalize those discussions is through a comprehensive business plan. Danny F. Dukes and Associates, LLC can help you put together a business plan that could convince other capital partners, even banks, to help you fund the venture. The business plan should include details about the following:

  • ​Summary
  • Business Description
  • ​Market Analysis (to substantiate need)
  • ​Organization and Management Descriptions
  • ​Product Line
  • ​Marketing and Sales Efforts
  • ​Justification for Capital with Returns and Repayment
  • Financial Forecasts

Statistics show that a business with a well thought out business plan is much more successful at obtaining capital and long term viability. Some business plans may prove that the business is not feasible or not as feasible as once thought. This saves owners time and money by avoiding unsuccessful ventures. An unsuccessful venture can cause more stress and financial hardship on a business owner than any successful venture. You should find out the right answer before you begin your venture.

Proper business planning with documented assumptions allows a business to gauge its progress and the validity of those initial assumptions. Adjustments can be made when realistic assumptions take precedence over original assumptions. This will promote better management and may result in changes advantageous to the business long-term. More realistic expectations lead to sounder business decisions and better operating results as you grow.

No banker nor potential capital partner wants to hear your business model. They want to see it on paper. Ultimately they want to see how your business will repay them or provide them a return on their investment (ROI). Meeting or exceeding targeted ROI is very important. A business plan assists in articulating how you meet their goals.

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